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Fastpitch Information for new families

RGFA Fastpitch 101 for New Families

  • Tournaments - expect to play at random times throughout the weekend. Keep the weekend open!
  • Pack a lunch and snacks for tournaments 
  • Have extra water in the car to refill the player water bottle. In case there is no concessions stand
  • Be ready/open to try new positions in the field
  • Communicate with your coach on any issues, etc. right away
  • Invest in a fielding mask, it's well worth the money!
  • Get to know other families in case you ever need to carpool or want take turns giving rides to and from tournaments, games, or practices.
  • Have extra money when going to tournaments for tournament apparel the girls love to get these!
  • On hot days, always have a cooler with ice and water and rags (usually made up of old torn tee-shirts) keeps girls cool
  • Expect long delays in between tournament play. Bring blankets to sit on, things for girls to keep busy, change clothing
  • Spring weather can make schedules difficult.  If rain or cold cancels a April/May practice, expect replacements to be scheduled.  In that situation it is understandable if your player misses it.
  • Coupons & used equipment is a great way to save money.  For younger players it is often outgrown before it is used up.  Sometimes you get lucky with a used glove that is well broken in for play.
  • There is not a lot of shady spots at these tournaments so they will have to bring something to provide their own.
  • Be prepared for weather. Games will be played in rain, sleet, snow, etc. Only pooling water and lightning will cause delays or cancellations. 
  • Invest in a batting helmet for your daughter to avoid the possibility of getting lice. 
  • Players or parents don’t be afraid to ask questions! Ask the coaches, board members, and other family members.
  • Pace yourself on equipment purchases, especially at the younger ages. Things like cleats, pants, and sliding shorts may only last a season or two. Helmets, bats, and gloves will get multiple seasons of use. You don’t need top dollar items either.
  • Please make sure you are reading your emails your Coaches spend a lot of time gathering information for the team.
  • 8U- 10U and 12U are learning and develop and fundamental years
  • You cannot steal a base until the ball leaves the Pitchers hand
  • Drop 3rd Strike Rule:  If a Batter gets called Strike 3 and the Catcher drops the Ball, they can run to first and the Catcher needs to tag or throw to first to get the out if there is no one on 1st or there are 2 outs.