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2016 Fundraising - Virtual Coupon Card

Here is the "dummy" log in for the Simply Rewards Mobile App that the players are selling.
Just follow these simple steps:
1.  Go to the web site:
2.  Log in with the User name:     fastpitch     and  Password:  Richfield
4. Download the Simply Rewards Mobile App on your phone and log in using the same username and password.  Info about downloading for droid and iphone is at the bottom of the home screen on the website after you log in.

You will get access to the Richfield Fast Pitch site so that you can show customers.  This access will last 1 month.
Your buyers will follow the instructions listed on the card.
Remember our access cards are being sold for $20 (some are marked $25).
Checks are made out to Richfield Fastpitch.
My contact info is at the bottom of the information letter.  Please email me with any questions at:
An easy way to sell the access cards is to reach out to co-workers,  friends, and family who don't live in Richfield.  This can be done by email or Face Book.      If they decide to purchase have them mail the money to you and you email them the directions and the access code from a card in your possession.  Below is a sample email that could be sent to your contacts:

I am playing fast pitch softball for Richfield this summer and we have a fundraiser to earn money to pay for our uniforms, equipment and league fees.
Our association is selling the Simply Rewards Mobile App for discounts on over 200,000 vendors that are nationwide.  Access to the Simply Rewards Mobile App sells for $20.  The app is downloaded to your phone.  You enter the access code that you purchased and then you have instant access to hundreds of discounts based on your location.
So no matter if you are at home or on the go traveling you'll have access to many discounts.  The vendors allow you to shop local and shop online; you get: food discounts, car discounts, hotel discounts, pharmacy and entertainment discounts along with many more!
The access code works for one year and is transferable if you get a new phone during that year.  No more coupons to have to remember!
Our association receives 50% of the sales of this fundraiser, the money goes towards purchasing the necessary equipment, uniforms and paying the league fees which in turn keeps our registration costs down.
Just reply back to this email to make arrangements to purchase the access code for the Simply Rewards Mobile App and  THANK YOU for supporting Richfield Girls Fastpitch Association (a non-profit 501c-3 organization).

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